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Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Product Report

This is a review of the Razor E300 Electric Scooter (E300S for seated models).Razor E300

This is a late teen, adult electric scooter with a full sized deck, chasis and extra wide, 10" tires. It's 300W motor is surprisingly quick, reaching speeds of 15 MPH. Many people use this model as a basis for tweaking their scooter, and reaching 30-40 MPH speeds. This is not recommended.

This is Razor's largest scooter, therefore suitable for adults. Its range is limited to about 7 miles, so this should be taken into consideration if you plan on using it for real transportation, rather than fun. The E300S is the same model, with an integrated seat, but otherwise identical. Download the Razor E300 owners manual.

Consumer Feedback

"We bought it in May 2006 and have used it almost daily since then. The scooter is fun and easy to ride. The only negatives are that the circuit breaker will trip while climbing steep hills (of course, that's what a breaker is for), and the batteries will no longer hold a charge. I expected the batteries to last longer than 6 months."
Fun - Amazon.com
"The kids love this scooter. It goes fast enough and the blue color looks sharp. My 15 year old daughter down to my 5 year old son both love riding the scooter. I just wish that it held it's charge longer than 45 minutes."
Sandy - Amazon.com
"I am very happy with the scooter except that it lacks power to go up hills without overheating (so you have to push it, let it cool, then press reset after a few min). It cannot operate 45 minutes continuously as claimed, more like 25 min, and has a much more limited range than the inferred 7.5 miles (45 minutes at 10 mph), more like 3 miles. It is fast and fun, but does not have the range and power I expected.!"
Arthur - Amazon.Com
"My 11 year old loves it she is out as much as she can be right what with all the snow & all the last three weeks. she goes out rides the scooter till the batteries go down then hooks it up to the charger. when it has charged she is at it again. The down side to this is she gets only 40 to 50 minutes of continuous riding per charge. and it take about 8 hours to charge. but she is cool with that."
JR Grundy - Amazon.com
"I bought this scooter for my son and he loves it. He rides it hard and we haven't had any problems yet. The cheapest price was on Amazon."
Tim S. - Amazon.com

Based on the above consumer testimonials, we can say that the e300 is a fast electric scooter, but it lacks battery power for longer trips. The battery does not have an infinite running life, it is reported to stop working often after 9 months. This can be an issue, a possible solution would be to purchase a backup battery, since the base price of the E300 is fair.

Many customers reported on tuning the motor of the E300 and reaching much higher speeds, but this is not recommended since it cancels the warranty and can be dangerous, as these scooters were not meant to go much faster than their factory setting.


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Product details

  • MOTOR: 300W
  • TOP SPEED: 15 mph
  • RANGE: Up to 45 minutes of continuous use, about 8 miles
    • 2x 12V battery system (sealed lead acid)
    • UL approved battery charger included
    • Charge time: 12 hours
  • DRIVE TERRAIN: Chain drive motor
    • Superssized frame
    • Super sized deck
    • Adjustable handlebar
  • TIRES: 10-inch pneumatic tires
  • BRAKE: Hand operated rear drum brake
  • DRIVE: Chain
  • WEIGHT: 52 lbs.
  • FOLDING: folding handlebar mechanism
  • AGES: 12+
  • MAX RIDER WEIGHT: 220lbs
    • Tools included
    • Kick stand
    • On-off switch

Manufacturer details

Razor USA, LLC was founded in June, 2000, in California. The brand became popular with its original, non-motorized kick scooter, but has since developed its E line of electric scooters. Razor is a well established company, with industry awards and recognitions: Toy Industry Association’s “Toy of the Year,” and “Toy of the Year” honors from TIME Magazine, Parenting Magazine, Sports Illustrated for Kids, etc.