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Super Turbo 800watt 36v Electric Scooter

Product Report

This is a review of the Super Turbo 800watt 36v Electric Scooter.Super Turbo 800W 36v

This is an adult scooter, produced by Super Cycles and Scooters LLC. This company is relatively unknown and have a small product line. They offer a 1 year manufacturers warranty on their scooters.

The Super Turbo 800W is capable of reaching speeds up to 23 MPH, which is very fast for a scooter of this price. Its range is also very long, with 18 miles inbetween charges, as reported by the manufacturer (probably around 14 miles on hilly terrain). It offers front and rear disc brakes, where competing electric scooters ara usually manufactured with only front brakes. This scooter has a removable seat (as most scooters in its class), however, it can be folded into half from the front tire, making it very compact. 

Consumer Feedback

"I have owned this scooter for over 4 months now and have had no problems. Great Speed...Faster than any other electric scooter that I have owned. Getting ready to buy another one for my other son."
Michele Alex - Amazon.com

Based on the above consumer testimonials, we can say that the Super Turbo 800watt is a quality scooter. It is relatively unknown, so customer testimonials are scarce. However, the quality of material used, as well as the 1 year warranty suggests the manufacturer is confident regarding the scooter's build quality.


The Super Turbo 800watt 36v Electric Scooter can be found at the following retailers:

Product details

  • RANGE: 18 miles
  • MOTOR: 800W at 2750 rpm
    • 3x 12v 12ah, UL listed batteries
    • Charge system: 110 ~ 240V Smart Charger 2-color LED status indicator
    • Smart Power Microprocessor
    • Auto Shut-Off
    • Battery Gauge
    • Turn key ignition
    • Grip throttle
    • LED battery meter
    • Headlight
  • DRIVE TERRAIN: Chain drive
  • BUILD: Solid steal frame
  • DECK: ABS Resin - QR
  • HANDLEBARS: Billet Stem - 20" Race Bars
  • WHEELS: Aluminium
  • TIRES: 3.1x10" Pneumatic Qingda Race
    • Front disc brakes
    • Rear disc brakes
  • SHOCK SYSTEM: Dual front and rear shocks
  • SEAT: removable
  • FOLDING: complete, lockable folding system
    • Free tool kit
    • Storage bracket
  • NET WEIGHT: 65 lbs
  • RIDER WEIGHT: max 350 lbs

Details on the Manufacturer

Super Cycles and Scooters LLC has been a scooter retailer for 7 years. The company does not manufacture scooters, they are the direct importer of their own line of electric scooters from an overseas manufacturer.