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X treme X 600 Electric Scooter

Product Report

X-Treme X600This is a review of the X-Treme X-600 Electric Scooter.

This is an adult scooter, and can be viewed as an upgraded version of the X500 electric scooter. It has front and rear shock absorbers, a 600 watt motor, with a range of 10 miles and top speed of 23 mph.

As with the X500, the seat is removable, so it can be converted to a stand-up scooter. Weighing at 75 lbs, this is not a childrens toy, but a full sized adult scooter.

Consumer Feedback

"The description of this item states that shipping is included but then when you place it in your basket a shipping charge of about $40 is added to the price."
J.Herbert - Amazon.com

Based on the above consumer testimonials, we can say that the X 600 is not the best scooter for your money. It is powerful, but the faults outweigh the positive aspects to this scooter.


The X treme X 600 Electric Scooter can be found at the following retailers:

  • MOTOR: 600W
  • TOP SPEED: 23 mph
  • RANGE: 10 miles per charge
    • 3x 12V Batteries
    • Smart battery charger
    • Charge time: 12 hours
  • DRIVE TERRAIN: chain drive
  • SUSPENSION: Front and rear suspension system
    • High tensile steel
    • Polished steel forks
    • Adjustable handlebar
    • Removable seat
  • TIRES: 10" alloy
  • BRAKE: Hand operated front and back disc brakes
  • DRIVE: Chain
  • WEIGHT: 75 lbs.
  • FOLDING: folding handlebar mechanism, lockable
  • AGES: 16+
  • MAX RIDER WEIGHT: 330lbs
    • Tools included
    • Kick stand
    • On-off switch 

Manufacturer details

X-Treme Electic Scooters is based in California, and is a subsidiary of API Inc. The company is a wholesale retailer and manufacturer of gas and electric scooters, as well as underwater scooters for divers. They outsource their manufacturing to China, where they employ quality control engineers to ensure that production is at good quality and that each product is in order before being shipped to the US warehouse.